Traditional vs Creative Leadership (2009)

Traditional Leader Creative Leader
Symbol of Authority Symbol of Inspiration
More Sticks More Carrots
Hierarchical Networked
Linear Path Nonlinear Path
Plan and Execute: Launching with 1.0 Iterate and Do: Living in Beta
Sustaining Order Taking Risks
Yes or No (clear) Maybe (comfort with ambiguity)
Literal in Tone Metaphorical in Tone
Concerned with Being Right Concerned with Being Real
Think like a General or Conductor Think like an Artist or Designer
Delegates Actions Hands-On Driven
Closed System Open System
One-Way Interactive
Close the Ranks Permeable
Follows the Manual Improvises when Appropriate
Loves to Avoid Mistakes Loves to Learn from Mistakes
Reliability Validity
Orchestra Model Jazz Ensemble
Community in Harmony Community in Conversation
Wants to be Right Hopes to be Right
Open to Limited Feedback Open to Unlimited Critique
Your Opinion Matters What are You Really Thinking?

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