What If You Could Design From Anywhere In The World?

I’m now past the year-long point of working alongside lots of talented designers, and I’m getting ready to grow the design team. We have a great Work With Us micro-site but I realized that … hey … I’m at a website company … maybe I’ll make a new website to feature what it’s like to design from anywhere in the world. It’s now maybe 50% complete. If you have any thoughts for how to improve it, just LMK in the comments below.

We’re a fully distributed company, but we visit interesting places as part of meetups, like a small group of us standing together in this Richard Serra piece in LA just last week:

Thank you for checking out the unfinished site! —JM

PS Oh yes, I forgot the URL. It’s designfromanywhere.wordpress.com



Love the website! The mention of Kat Holmes, the inclusive design cards, the philosophy easily explained, and the one liner Press statement are all awesome. It flows nicely.

Minor note: we’re in 57 countries not just 50 :D.

Idea: It would be neat to see this integrated with https://a8cdesignvoice.wordpress.com/. I think designing from anywhere is powerful especially when you get to virtually “meet” the designers and “see” their thought process/work.

Nitpick note 😉 – ” We’re also required to work alongside our CEO for one week per year as online support representatives” I just love whenever we can say Happiness Engineers as I find it more appropriately encompasses the task we are asked to do :).

Design observation: slideshow transition above the fold causes page to “jump” slightly which is a little jarring when reading sections further down. Also the transition is a little too quick for the length of text in it.