The Perfect Clock For Anywhere

When you aspire to design from anywhere the way we do at Automattic, it’s important to know the time of day that your colleagues may be experiencing. I’ve been trying a lot of services over the past few months to get a good handle on “what time is it for you?” and am always on the hunt for better ways to manage a completely remote design team.

So when Ola Bodera pointed me to it made happy. It makes a lot of sense at a quick glance.

Other popular ways to stay in sync with folks you might work with remotely are:

And that’s all I’ve got on time, for now. —JM

Nice finds via my post on Twitter:

  • Miranda: for iOS a nicely designed magical app.

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It’s nice but it assumes a level of geographic knowledge that a lot of people (yes, including me) don’t necessarily have. If I want to know, say, what the time is in Dallas I’d have to know which of those timezones it relates to. It’s telling, though, that 5 out of the 14 timezones are for the US. Where’s France? Where’s Canada?

Personally, I have an Echo Dot on my desk and just ask that, which is fantastic at timezone conversion.