Photo/Movie Editing On The Cheap

I always like to see what kind of non-Adobe tools there are out there for low-cost photo manipulation. This new tool I found today is quite clever ($20) called Photo Lemur.

It did a nice job on the Richard Serra sculpture (automagically) and also it brought out the sky in a fabulous way. Will I buy it? Unsure, but if I had to process a bunch of photos then I would definitely do so.

Other low-cost pixel-y tools that I have purchased myself (or have benefited from for “free”) are:

  • Adapter for converting photos/audio/movies (free).
  • ImageOptim to compress JPGs and PNGs without quality loss (free).
  • ImageAlpha to compress PNGs (free).
  • Pixelmator is quite nice for some tasks ($30).
    But I understand that it’s gone bye-bye and the Pro version is $60.
  • Affinity Photo is awesome ($50 and on sale for $40 until 2017 EOY).
  • And of course there’s GIMP too (free).

For motion-y things I am a fan of:

  • ScreenFlow is an amazing tool ($130 and $90 until 2017 EOY).
  • Motion from Apple is a powerful tool ($50).
  • Handbrake for video file magic (free).

For code-y things:

If there are other tools that you think should go on this list, do let me know! —JM

PS My many years of, a-hem, know-how came together in mixing the campiest thing I’ve ever constructed. Enjoy!

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Shotcut is free.

Videopad is free.