OS X Folder Icons and Muriel

It’s been a while since I tried to organize my Macintosh’s folders visually. Chuckling to myself. I just remembered talking with a younger person recently who laughed at me because I called a Mac a “Macintosh.” Definitely sign of the timez …

I was happy to see that the old way of changing the folder icons still works. I was wondering whether to splurge to buy a folder colorizer but I went old skool — given that I lovingly remember the days of ResEdit.

For those of you who wish to remember Muriel Cooper, if you download the file below you can paste it onto the folder icon per the instructions here.

That way you’re going to be ready to Design From Anywhere at moments notice!


FYI the button image above is a snapshot I took of a freebie button I received from the event sponsor at the Tristan Walker interview I hosted at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.