Believe in something

This is my round-up of press regarding the Kaepernick ads by Nike — because I find the reaction by the new generation so important to understand. And it is so nuanced …

“It’s about cultivating an entire generation of consumers who are up for grabs at a moment where the lines between culture, politics and activism are blurry – a notion that might make older people uncomfortable but is now the coming-of-age reality for anyone under 18.” —USA Today

If we look at the studies that have been done on millennials and Gen Z, it’s very clear that they want the brand that they buy to take visible stands on social issues.” —AdAge

“A company like Procter & Gamble that makes products for everyone from young to old, male and female, are not going to do something controversial that might alienate half their audience.” —NY Post

“The spirit that drives one person to burn a pair of already purchased Nikes is the same spirit that might move another person to buy the branded apparel that’s part of Kaepernick’s endorsement with the company.” —Vox

“Most disappointing is that Kaepernick assented, apparently, to Nike’s makeover.” —WashPo

“The main way to gauge just how popular the ad is among both supporters and detractors is its memefication.” —FastCompany