Wine tasting over dogfooding in XD

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I’m partial to saying “wine tasting” over “dogfooding” software experiences.

As in the situation:

A: Hey, we just conceived this new feature in our product.

B: Well, how can I help?

A: We need people to dogfood it internally.

Since my MIT days, I’ve heard the phrase “dogfooding” and it always grossed me out a bit. So I like to say, “I’m wine tasting a new feature.” I’ve always found it so much more civilized.

So it was fun to see the reaction on Alexis Lloyd’s Twitter feed after I shared this with her. I raise a 🍷glass to the eradication of the phrase “dogfooding” in tech! —JM

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I first read the variation of “champagne” mentioned in Product Leadership How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams by Richard Banfield, Martin Eriksson, and Nate Walkingshaw:

Ongoing, regular, and consistent training has the additional benefit of teaching teams the value of process —eating your own dog food, if you will (or as we prefer to say, drinking your own champagne).

Maybe even: rosé?! 😃🍷🥂