Diego Rodriquez: Q&A

A few months ago I did a Q&A with Diego Rodriguez on YouTube that is best consumed more as a podcast as it’s a bit loooooong. In the video I cover a variety of issues around design in the technology arena — especially with regards to product management and data science (my two passion areas). 

And then I found this old e-mail from him asking these great followup Qs:

  • What were your beginning steps moving into Product Management
  • How has self awareness affected you, in addition to realization of being ignorant?
  • Despite the earlier thought on higher education, what are your thoughts on pursuing an MBA for someone who wants to stay in tech?
  • I was wondering if there were ideas you saw while at RISD that were not received well at the time, that were actually ahead of their time?
  • What’s the biggest value design can bring to organizations? Are we currently missing the point?
  • What’s your biggest failure and what did it teach you?

So the best response I could think of was to make a 5-minute quick video.