Five Below = “$1 stuff: As close to free as it can be!”

An interesting retail experience that caters to low-price ($5 and under), “the find,” and having fun. And it generates … DATA. —JM

Five Below’s lack of specialization allows it to track all manner of fads and crazes. It was one of the first stores to pick up on crazes such as Silly Bandz, slime and fidget spinners.


“$1 stuff: As close to free as it can be!”

“With its menagerie of shiny, nonessential items that cost $5 or less, Five Below has been shaping a new category of retailer, one that harnesses fun in a consumer landscape often dominated by necessity. Nobody needs hedgehog headphones or lava lamps or unicorns full of iridescent ooze. But for many, there’s something thrilling about being swept up in a shopping experience that hinges on surprise as much as affordability.” —WashPo

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Hi, John:
This is really great. First, that you had the courage to give away “all” books.

Second, that you had second thoughts about (only) one book that you regretted giving away.

Third, that you took action and located a replacement copy.

If I had one more point, I’d say I really enjoy my copy of your book on Simplicity!