Type-O Minority

Wow, I found this neat passage by a photographer from the 60s that mirrors when I say that I’m kind of like a Type-O Minority (as in Type-O blood that is universally acceptable):

I had great curiosity and found myself welcomed by black people, white people, Indian people, whatever. They’d never seen Asian guys, so I had a big advantage and used it to get access to things. I just smiled and looked harmless. I could be like air. At the time, the Black Panthers were starting to get popular and I managed to get to know them. For some reason, these three leaders wanted to be photographed with a very big Picasso sculpture at Chicago City Hall. It’s not interesting, I said. Then it started snowing, so we went outside and I took this. I didn’t give them any instructions – they just went down there and saluted, never asking me anything about myself, or what I might be doing the picture for. They pretty much ignored me.

Hiroji Kubota, via Guardian

I find America a very interesting place. It’s not quite a melting pot.

Hiroji Kubota