Ian Rogers on Quality and Craftsmanship

My quick notes from convo hanging out with Ian at LVMH.

Kept them in my pocket for some reason … scribbled while I was runming our LVMH x Automattic Design workshop.

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“From the hyper efficiency of marketing to the high proficiency of quality and craftsmanship.”

“From bricks and mortar as king to customer experience as king.”

“With bricks and mortar, realizing the need to create experiences you cannot get online.”

Imagining e-commerce to selling a $150,000 watch as appointment-beaming to a place in New York with live video of a person with white gloves showing you the watch in realtime.

“Luxury market will grow from 300 billion to 500 billion according to McKinsey.”

Experiences for brands need to be the same as experiences we have with other people. “We see each other face-to-face maybe once a year. Between we talk to each other on our phones.”

“Our brands don’t mean anything if they aren’t meaningful to culture.”

Culture is the identity a consumer chooses. You create culture through storytelling. And later, ownership is how membership gets signified.