Eric Yuan / Zoom

I use Zoom a lot, and started studying the CEO and his philosophy a bit this morning.

“I was always pushed to work hard but wasn’t focused on fixing the customer experience until I got in front of them and actually listened to them.”

Oh … I like this CEO.

On Customer Happiness

‘I learned invaluable lessons from those experiences. It’s essential to listen to your customers in real-time and take their input to heart. Always strive to make your customers happy. Without their happiness you can’t achieve success.” —Eric Yuan

On Employee Feedback

“We really like the negative (employee) feedback because I learned from the former CEO of Walmart, H. Lee Scott. The ability to give constructive and honest feedback is a rare talent. The reason why those employees give feedback is because they care about the company.

This is our value. If they care about the company, no matter what kind of feedback–good feedback, negative feedback–their intention is good. We trust our employees. Any negative feedback will help us to become a better company. That’s why I like all those negative feedback.” via CXO