Mutual Respect / Cookie Monster / Westworld / Sesame Street

Mutual respect as illustrated by 🍪 monster makes for a timely reminder. —JM

🍪: You two should respect each other. And work together!

🤖: Why should I care about respect?

🍪: Respect important for everybodddddyyyy.
People. Monsters. Even you robot-lady.
Yeah. You see.
Respect a lot like coooo-kie.
Let me show you.

If you only have one delicious. Nom nom nom. Tasty. Yummy.

Wait a minute.
Me need to freeze all motor function.

“Me need to freeze all motor function.”

🍪: Okay. Me good.

As me was saying. If you only have one coo-kie.
You can choose to shaaaaare coo-kie. Like this.
<breaks the cookie in half>

👨🏾‍🔬: Thank you.

🍪: See? Me give you cookie.
And me get cookie.

Just like you can give respect.
To get respect.

👨🏾‍🔬: Being the first to show respect is always easy.
But ….

🍪: You can always try, Bernie.
<gestures to Bernie towards the 🤖>
<Bernie breaks the cookie in half>

🤖: I suppose it’s some place to start.

🍪: Now.
That. Good. Sharing.

Let’s celebrate!

Coo-kie! Nom nom nom nom.

👨🏾‍🔬🤖: Cookie? <to each other>
<visibly delighted by the cookie>

Nom nom nom nom.