Back in the I.R.L.

I loved my three years working NIRL (Not In Real Life) in the wonderful world of Automattic — the worlds largest all-distributed technology company. And frankly it’s a bit jarring to come back to IRL (In Real Life), but there’s something definitely satisfying about it.

I’ve started blogging over on about what I’ve started to learn in the consultancy/delivery space besides learning to live I.R.L again. I’m especially grateful to the WordPress VIP team for the fantastic turbocharged hosting of Thank you, Nick and team! —JM

Upwards-looking perspective of an older building with a glass top.
The Boston office within the Publicis network combines classical architecture with a Modernist and majestic “hat” at the top.
Skyline of Boston
In WeWork-style bays of standup desks, these are the kinds of views we get to enjoy from this lovely perch.
The common theater area for Publicis offices that overlooks the Boston skyline
I know it feels a teense Ian Schrager-y, but it’s got a good Modernist tone as well.