What is CX?

I’ve been digging deeply into the world of Forrester, Gartner, and IDC to suss out what CX means to the analyst community. And my conclusion thus far is that the key ingredients of a great CX aren’t fully understood. So these are the four that I’ve landed on:

  • Light: When an experience is fast, quick, and its presence is made immediate without feeling overbearing — it feels simple. Value: It’s immediately adoptable.
  • Accessible: When an experience “fits me” and is intentionally inclusive of all possible people that might want to use it — it feels relevant. Value: It’s immediately valuable.
  • Ethical: When an experience is built upon the right choices that match to my personal values — it feels trustworthy. Value: It’s retained over the long term.
  • Dataful: When an experience is instrumented for quantitative telemetry or it’s been developed with qualitative research — it feels adaptive. Value: It’s evolving over the long term.
Quick video version of these ideas rendered as Matryoshka stacking dolls.

Acknowedgements: Thank you to Wendy Johannson for letting me bounce these ideas off of her when they were in their earliest form.