I was eating at Wagamama 🍜 in London last year and the paper placemat/menu reminded me of one of my favorite things.

I carried this placemat from London to my house … it got torn, so I taped it together. Tape is kintsugi too … well, the “kin” means gold so that doesn’t quite qualify. But maybe gold tape could do the trick? :+)

Repair is the creative destruction of brokenness.

—Elizabeth V. Spelman, Repair: The Impulse to Restore in a Fragile World via @risdmuseum

The Japanese art of mending, or “kintsugi,” has taught me a lot about the beauty of making what is old — and no longer “sparking joy” a la #konmari — to be renewed with new life and even greater joy a la #wabisabi.

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