Ulwick’s Jobs To Be Done (JTBD)

I was watching a Product-focused video from GV the other day on YouTube and heard a book mentioned that was new to me. So I went and bought it — it’s from 2005. What surprised me the most was how in the Introduction page xix it read,

“Only after knowing what jobs customers are trying to get done and what outcomes they are trying to achieve are companies able to systematically and predictably identify opportunities and create products and services that deliver significant new value.

—Anthony Ulwick in “What Customers Want”

The promotional quote on the cover is by Clayton Christensen. This stuck me as odd because I was accustomed to associating JTBD with Christensen due to the HBR piece:

via HBR

It’s noticeable that Ulwick isn’t referenced anywhere in the HBR article. This reminded me a bit of what happened to Kees Boeke with how the Eames popularized Powers of Ten where Boeke ended up as a mere footnote.

In any case, I love Ulwick’s stuff so check it out:

via strategyn.com
via strategyn.com