Software Demos Better Than Zoom

This is cool.

While these tools generally allow screen sharing, she says DemoDesk does something different that separates it from these offerings. Instead of a live version of your desktop or a recording where the two parties are seeing the same thing, Demodesk provides a virtual desktop in the cloud where the salesperson can see notes and other information that the customer can’t see, while still letting the customer view the presentation or demo.

What’s more, the virtual approach enables companies to capture data about the demo to help sales teams understand what worked well and what didn’t, something that wouldn’t be possible with traditional screen sharing.

In addition, the company added a new scheduling tool to the product this year that lets customers and sales teams share available times. 

—TC on their series A

Vaguely relatedly, I was impressed with what Jina did using for Clarity 2020. They used Vimeo and Livestream’s desktop app — it’s really nice and looks less janky than Wirecast.