Meetings 101 (But Hard To Reinforce)

This is v good:

Steve Job’s Meeting Heuristics (Rule of 3)

  • Convening works best with 3 in the meeting, max 5 — or no accountability
  • Have no more than 3 agenda items (each chunk of info is max 1-2 mins)
  • Schedule no more than 3(0) minutes — don’t waste people’s time

Sheryl Sandberg’s Meeting Heuristics (default max 10 mins)

  • “Does this meeting require feedback from others, or is it just informational?
  • If I do need input/feedback, is a meeting a more time-effective way to get it than a message or email?
  • Would a meeting provide anything that an email or message wouldn’t (such as in-the-moment feedback on problems that are constantly evolving)?”

And the follow-on post is more concise:

Jeff Steen’s Meeting Rule of 2

If answer is no to both, then decline:

  1. “Will I have anything to contribute?
  2. Will I have anything to gain that I can’t gather via meeting notes or recording?”

Jeff Steen’s Corollary to Calling Meetings:

  1. “Can I send a non-critical email or message instead of holding a meeting?
  2. If not, why is a meeting important? (This reasoning goes in the meeting invite. If there’s not a good reason, I scrap the meeting until I have one.)
  3. If a meeting is deemed necessary, will each attendee have something to contribute that will be critical to my work? If not, I cut them from the list.”