Resilience Tech

The will be covering the latest trends in personal, enterprise, and government resilience technologies. What does that mean?

  • Personal: Resilience is something that matters to you at an individual level. The technologies that support both psychological and physical resilience are evolving.
  • Enterprise: With the launch of Everbridge’s Best in Enterprise Resilience™ there’s a clear interest in major organizations to become more resilient with new technologies.
  • Government: The responsibility of countries, states, cities is to keep their people free of harm to sustain stable livelihoods. Climate change has made technology a new necessity.

Why launch a new report?

Well, to be honest it’s sort of been something I started and don’t feel like stopping yet. It’s a personal passion project, so let’s see how long this passion goes …

Why has resilience become a 21st century requirement?

We’ve become aware of the fragile world in which we live our lives, in which for-profits and non-profits operate, and in which governments shepherd their communities. The global pandemic and other major disastrous events in our world have raised the awareness of ever-present threats that we’ve sought to ignore.

What kind of things are you going to feature?

I’m hoping to put the spotlight on both physical and digital innovations like:


If you’d like to learn more about resilience tech, then I’m hoping that the new #ResilienceTech Report might be able to fulfill that need for you. Visit to learn more! —JM