What is Design? Note on Google (Search) on Design

This is from 2013:

According to Google, “design” is both a noun and verb. But that doesn’t help us to know … because a lot of words are both nouns and verbs. Its synonyms listed here lean toward the dominant word as “plan” — which is also a noun and verb — but the word “plan” doesn’t quite accurately capture that look of despair on many designers’ faces when deadlines loom large and you can hear them all say, “I wished I had planned!!”

What’s missing in this definition of “design” is the notion of an emotional connection grounded in aesthetics, narrative, or otherwise joy. Design is often in the eye of the beholder, and Google’s definition here certainly fits how it originally approached design in more staid, optimized, “Vulcan&lrquo; terms. But recently Google’s designs have picked up steam, so my guess is that this entry (because of Google’s all-knowing eyeballs in those O’s of G-o-o-o-o-g-l-e) will change with time as Google itself evolves as a more design-led company over the rest of this century. -JM