Lipsync Animation On OS X

I used Rhubarb and referred to these handy instructions here. Keep in mind you’ll need to use DaVinci Resolve which is a paid product that lets you use its older versions for free.

The steps to take:

  1. Download a release from Rhubarb’s Github Page (search for the “Release” tab on that page)
  2. Be sure to grab the phoneme images from here.
  3. Situate yourself with a cd into the rhubarb directory.
  4. Copy your sound.wav audio file there.
  5. Create a transcript.txt file there.
  6. Run rhubarb with the exported file and the transcript file using:

    ./rhubarb -o output.txt sound.wav -d transcript.txt
  7. Use DaVinci Resolve according to Jackall’s instructions which includes: 1/ Dragging all the mouth image files into a Resolve timeline, 2/ Exporting the timeline as a mouth.fcpxml file.
  8. Run jackall’s Python program with:


    give it the mouth.fcpxml file, the output.txt file, and any offsets you want to make happen. Provide the destination .fcpxml file name.
  9. Now in DaVinci Resolve import the timeline file (give it a new name instead of the default).
  10. Drag the sound.wav file *below* the video file because audio tracks sit under video tracks in Resolve.
  11. Switch to Deliver tab (bottom of screen) and use codec Apple ProRes > Apple ProRes 444 to be able to “Export Alpha” …

You did it!