Josh Clark 2019 talk on Design and AI

This talk has different variations:

What’s especially awesome about Josh’s talk is that it precedes the hullabaloo of the chatgpt revolution.

Josh maintains a position that AI is your new design material and it’s important as someone who designs with a new material, as if it were wood, to know the grain. If you don’t know what the “grain” refers to in the wood world, then this analogy is not going to work for you.

Josh notes that at a high-level, AI enables you to focus your attention and judgment. At a more granular level, he raises four aspects of this new grain.

1. Be smarter with questions we already ask.

2. Ask entirely new questions.

3. Unlock new sources of data.

4. Surface invisible patterns.

And the grain itself lends to applications in:

  • Recommendations
  • Predictions
  • Classifications
  • Clustering
  • Generation

This is a pretty awesome talk by Josh. He has been trailblazing machine, learning and design for quite a long time. It was nice to absorb his useful collection of information today. —JM