Coke vs Pepsi?

These days as I think about the present and future of digital media a lot in my role at Automattic, I wonder nowadays if we are sort of stuck in a Coke vs Pepsi kind of war when thinking about who will control the Internet. Will it be Google or Facebook? 

And then I think maybe it will be neither. Could it be … Dr. Pepper? Is it Or could it be … A takeover by the cups we are drinking these beverages from. Is it Apple?

And then you have to reason that a world of http and https prefixed resource locators has to be gone in ten years from now. And by then 3d printing or the circular economy has changed how we “shop” for physical goods. And we are definitely not staring at little rectangles of glass while pecking at them with our fingers, by then.

So which is it for me right now? Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper? Italian glass mugs? Tech seems to spin really hard on these questions — and a lot of my attention is there with the rest of the pack.

I feel lucky that I am at the equivalent of the “tap water company” right now. It is a wonderful leadership challenge that taxes the limits of my creativity. And I love it. Why? You’ll soon see.