Michel Serres

I recently heard Serres paraphrased as such:

“Because we have all the (factual) knowledge we could ever need from our new “brain” (smartphone), we can now truly *think* (instead of just recalling facts).”

This is akin to what Richard Saul Wurman once told me about how the value of knowing a fact is close to nothing:

Lie number one is, It’s better to say, ‘I know’ than to say, ‘I don’t know.’ Lie number two: It’s better to answer a question than ask a question.” —RSW

Diagram of knowledge

The Knowledge Spiral (Nonaka & Takeuchi)

“Tacit and explicit knowledge are mutually related but they are not the same; rather, they are intrinsically diverse.” —Giorgio De Michelis

“Without us even realizing it, a new kind of human being was born in the brief period of time that separates us from the 1970s. He or she no longer has the same body or the same life expectancy. They no longer communicate in the same way; they no longer perceive the same world; they no longer live in the same Nature or inhabit the same space.” —Michel Serres

“The innovation: the ease of access that has been given to Thumbelina, and to the entire world, their pockets with all the knowledge in their smartphones.” —MS