Financial Snapshot Queries

I was looking for an easy way to query financial information and started to play with IEX Cloud, and then remembered that Google does this all for me. So I wanted an easy way for it to do that for me.

From Chrome, here’s the way to make it so you can type in fq (financial query) and any company’s symbol to quickly show its financial thumbnail.

  1. Go to chrome://settings/searchEngines and get a bit freaked out by how many custom search engines are there already. If you want to delete them all, follow the instructions here.
  2. Click on the Add button. For search engine, keyword, and URL use what I’ve got below. And you’re done!
Note the %s gives the flexibility, and Google might not find the company you’re looking for if you aren’t super specific.
It works … at least for today!

On Firefox, you want to make a new bookmark that looks like this:

Now you can ‘fq <insert stock ticker name>’ to your heart’s content on FF too!