Timelines and Google Sheets

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Back in the 80s I was on a little software dev team in Fort Worth, Texas at Tandy R&D as a summer intern. We were working with a beta version of something called “Microsoft Windows,” and it was deemed that a project management package might be a useful standard piece of software to sit on Tandy 1000 machines running this new Windows thingy. FYI Tandy is the “T” in what used to be ubiquitously known in the computing world — the TRS-80 — lovingly nicknamed, the “Trash 80” 🙂

I find it funny how after many decades, later there’s so many ways to express the passage of time — and to communicate how that time should pass — but all roads lead back to the spreadsheet. Well, at least for me.

All the fancy SaaS-y software systems out there always somehow ends up, for me, as hitting the authentication brick-wall — for good reasons of course (i.e. wanting to make per-seat licensing fees). So this little article by a magical open sourcerer out there made me smile as it’s a godsend, at least for folks like me who love simple solutions. It solved my problem of wanting to use the lowest common denominator of software within a large org — which usually involves Google Sheets. And it solves my task at hand: which is communicating to as many constituents as possible (and to avoid being tech support for folks who can’t get into the doc due to some login issue).

Here’s the version I made based upon the article above. —JM