Radical Candor FTW

Bosses who want honest feedback often have to ask for it, welcome it warmly and listen carefully even when they disagree.” —Kim Scott

The more important that you get ahead in life, the more likely that you want to insulate yourself from feedback. Why? I’m not 100% sure — but it is something that I have always avoided.

Getting feedback is awesome — it is data. And like all data, you can use it to: 1/ improve. Or you can use it to: 2/ decline. Or you can ignore it and remain: 3/ unchanged.

In an unchallenged state, you tend to stay near door number 3. Good luck!

In a challenged state, you have a one in three chance of improving yourself. Those are v good odds if you are a better. Or said differently, if you are one who aspires to become better at what you do. Ah, that explains things for me. —JM