Simple PM Definition

AIGA Design Conference keynoter Kevin Bethune shared with me a simple two-word definition of a PM’s main responsibilities:

Definition + Delivery

which is via his BCG colleague Chris Williams.

If I were a tattoo person, this would be the one for me.

Tangentially, Kevin also shared how easy it is to rely on an existing methodology (for lack of time and/or to reduce risk). But to innovate, we need to ask ourselves: “How do we break the methodology?” or “How do we defeat the methodology?” This is often difficult because the response is one of:

  • “I’m not permitted to deviate from what we already know will work reliably.”
  • “There is one, right way. And it’s printed in a bestselling HBR book!”
  • “I might get fired if I do it the wrong way. This is too risky!”

Sound familiar? Yup.