Three Takeaways From Regina Dugan’s “Love and Work”

“It’s more important to fail at something that matters than to succeed at something that doesn’t.” —Regina Dugan

There are a few things I come back to when I watch and rewatch this epic talk by Regina Dugan:

They are:

  1. The bigger the goal you set, the more likely you will succeed. Because the people who are willing to take that leap with you will emerge into the foreground who believe in the impossible, too.
  2. The bad times are there to remind you of the good times. We think of difficult challenges as things we wish didn’t happen, but then when a good thing happens we can more fully appreciate it.
  3. Every day you get a new chance to make a difference, so don’t waste it. Regina’s story of overcoming cancer at the age of 12 is a stark reminder of how every day, every week, every month, and every year that you get to live is gold.

If you are thinking of challenging yourself, or having a bad day, or are looking for a unique way to think that exceeds a formulaic blah-blah TED talk, I strongly recommend that you watch Regina’s riveting, 15-minute talk on “Love and Work” that is unlike any other talk out there to watch. —JM

PS There is a lesser-known, short post-talk interview I did with Regina:

PS 2 Regina shows a little film towards the end that is super-inspiring: