The Best Webcam (At Least For Me)

I had an almost religious moment when I turned on the C925e webcam from Logitech. Over the last half year I’ve been going through different cameras to see which one can work best for the very Zoom-y work that I do at Automattic where we are all remotely distributed. As a practice since the late 90s, I like to buy things with my own money so I can “feel the pain” as a customer.


So when this little box arrived from Amazon (it was my fourth purchase and return), I was sort of giving up on webcams. I’d look at the more high-end Logitech Brio, but I wasn’t in the mood to pay $200 for an IR sensor that I’d never use. The C925e seems to be discontinued, and I couldn’t find any information about it online with regards to performance. So I passed it by it at first.

I then tried a few less-expensive, non-brand webcameras hoping that I’d get lucky with quality — but they all failed miserably with respect to image quality. There’s a lot of attention spent on the “stand” part and the “camera-y” part, but there was no perfect combination I could find.

And … who uses webcameras anymore these days? Right? I was going to give up, and then I just decided to try one more camera. Somewhere online I noted that the “e” in the name stood for native H.264 encoding on the camera hardware itself, so I thought maybe it might do what the other webcams weren’t doing for me.

Once I turned it on, I was simply startled. The image quality was so much better than anything else I had tried. The stand mechanism is clever, and the lens can be covered (for those paranoid folks out there) with a flick of the thumb. It’s rare that you go and search for a product and it delivers, fully. The Logitech C925e is $75 and well-worth the time you will spend looking for sub-$50 webcams. Enjoy!

This is an unsolicited review (it’s a discontinued camera) and is simply the expression of an unusually happy shopper :-).

PS In this new year I’m going to try to figure out the video medium. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re curious about the intersection of design, technology, and business.