The Best USB-C Adapter of 2017

This USB-C thing has been a teense difficult for me as I adapt to having so many adapters. I’m happy to report that at the end of 2017, I’ve found the best adapter from a structural perspective that isn’t the kind with two ends connected with a cable. I’m frugal so I prefer to not pay for the $20 Apple one — but the $8 Amazon one would be my go-to if I hadn’t found the best USB-C adapter of 2017.

Frankly the simpler-looking adapters have their allure. And three for $5 seems like a steal. After trying a few of them, I’ve found that they unfortunately jostle side-to-side too easily.

A simple design fix would be to simply add more plastic at the base of the connector, but I haven’t found one yet. If and when that happens, I think that’s going to be the nirvana USB-C adapter. Maybe it will appear in … 2018?

Luckily one of the Samsung phones I have came with a white adapter that had more surface area at its base — so it doesn’t jostle side-to-side easily. The downside is when you want to plug another dongled devices next to this connector as it will only work if you have a regular-sized USB-C connector going in as its neighbor. But I like how stable it stays connected. And also I’m a frugal consumer — so I went hunting.

And I found a design equivalent on Amazon that is two for $7 and I’m a happy camper with them. If you’re looking for a jostle-free adapter on the cheap, this is the one. —JM



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