Android Studio and Processing

Wow! Two things worked out well that I didn’t think were going to at all. I got Android Studio for OS X running AND Processing for Android running. There was a blocker that I didn’t expect to figure out. Here it is!

I know that computing is a moving target, so whatever I say here has already changed in a few weeks from now. But just in case you try to install Android Studio you should know that it asks for a library that isn’t set by default. My system asked for ‘Android 26’ …  with a scary message like this:

failed to find target with hash string ‘android-26’

and I luckily figured out how to get the issue resolved.

You need to go to Preferences in Android Studio on OS X, and then click on “Android 8.0 (Oreo)” — that will force the download. It will also force more things to get downloaded as you progress forward. Phew. That felt good to see this thing work.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 4.46.00 PM

With that issue resolved, I then was able to get Processing for Android to work — which coincidentally needs Version 26 of the SDK. I needed to manually point it to the right place which required three steps:

  1. Each computer I setup I always forget how to make the Library folder visible. You do it by Command-J-ing when you’ve selected your Home folder so you can check the box on showing Library:
    Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 4.50.53 PM
  2. Then, you need to point Processing for Android to the right directory, which is going to be Library/Android and stop there. That’ll let your Processing for Android run okay.
  3. I needed to turn on debug mode for my Android phone — which was rather fun because it involved a few fast taps. That was new to me — depending upon your model you’ll have to look around for how to do it. I have a Pixel One and this article did it for me.

And it OMG worked on my phone! But I couldn’t get the cool-looking simulator thing to work. I’ll save that hunt for 2018.


Yay, I found the Sketch > Run in Emulator command that let me figure that part of the journey out. Works fine. Woah, I don’t want to push my luck any more in 2017 so I’ll stop now.


Also if you’re interested, I tried out a variety of Android simulators on OS X and the one that worked for me best was Nox Player. It’s running an older version of Android, but it emulated everything quite fine.

Okay, I’ve done enough happy hacking for 2017 now … —JM

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