“Is the domain of anagrams simply a trivial, silly, “toy” domain? Or is it serious? I maintain that it is a far purer, far more interesting domain than many of the complex real-world domains of the expert systems, precisely because it, is so playful, so unconscious, so enjoyable, for people. It is obviously more related to creativity and spontaneity than it is to logical derivations, but that does not make it-or the mode of thinking that it represents-any less worthy of attention. In fact, because it epitomizes the unconscious mode of thought, I think it more worthy of attention.”
Douglas Hofstadter (1985)

After looking on the Internet for anagram solvers (be careful as there are many traps set out there) my favorite one that wins the “🏆 Most Earnest Prize” has to be this one. There’s nothing like a CLI approach to anagram processing. —JM