Design × Inclusion and Diversity Conversation + Philanthropic Actions

A group of us gathered online from Automattic, Pinterest, Shopify, Drexel University, Rebrand Cities, and more to chat for an hour about a few complex questions based on an impromptu invitation to a conversation on Design × Inclusion and Diversity. You can listen in right here with August de los Reyes kicking this all off.

Special guests were Cynthia Savard Saucier and Sara Wachter-Boettcher authors of Tragic Design and Technically Wrong, respectively. And 30 participants from all around the world — with those connected via video in our ending group photo:

group photo

These are the non-profits that the 30 participants gave to be a part of the no-fee, impromptu 1-hour gathering.

We managed to collectively raise $722.88 for advancing diversity in tech. Please give to any of the causes above, too, if you feel a need to change what you can see in the world. Thanks! —JM

PS Inclusive Design is our passion at Automattic. It’s clearly also the same for Pinterest and Shopify!