Bad Boss / Good Boss

The 2020 CX Report gathers trends on how business happens in the computational era by examining the tech stacks for marketing and products in the context of digital transformation.

This is now my favorite table from an old MIT Sloan Management Review piece. It describes how a boss’ behavior can be read from two vantage points. It’s brilliant! —JM

Gives critical feedbackHonestAbrasive
Makes a unilateral decisionDecisiveAutocratic
Instructs work to be redoneDemandingImpossible to please
Imposes performance metricsDisciplinedControl freak
Works weekendsDrivenObsessive
Sticks with a dubious course of actionPersistentStubborn
Ignores their boss’s adviceSelf-confidentArrogant
Gives unsolicited adviceHelpfulMeddlesome
Asks specific questionsInformedMicromanager
Delays response to proposalReflectiveUnsupportive
Does not punish a mistakeCompassionateSpineless
Loses temper in publicPassionateTemperamental
Manages by walking aboutEmpathicClueless
Breaks a promiseOpportunisticUntrustworthy
Limits interaction timesStructuredUnapproachable

And you can pair this with the “boss advice” page in the Design in Tech Report.