Coach Pat Summitt on People

I loved this obituary piece on the late Coach Pat Summitt today, and her strong work ethic. Especially how she recalled how her disciplinarian father (who farmed for a living) admonished his children that “cows don’t take a day off.”

In the YT interview above, she recalls a conversation she had with her father upon losing one of her important first games.

Father: Did you win?

Coach Summitt: No. We lost.

Father: So you lost.

Coach Summitt: Yes, sir.

Father: Let me tell you one thing. You don’t take donkeys to the Kentucky Derby. You better get yourself some racehorses. <hangs up>.

Coach Summitt goes on:

You win in life with people. It’s all about the people you surround yourself with, and what they bring to the game. It’s a team and they have to do it together.

38 seasons with over a thousand wins. Wow! What an amazing person to have led such an incredible life. —JM

PS I made a previous post a few months ago about Coach Summitt too.