Ethan Hawke and Paulo Coelho in TIME

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“You have to let your successes go in the same way you let go of your failures.” —Ethan Hawke

I noticed that in two subsequent 8 Questions interviews in TIME Magazines there was an interesting connection.

On the one hand, Ethan Hawke said in regards to movies:

In my lifetime, there have been fewer and fewer movies that challenge you. Movies are doing the work for us. They tell us when our heart is supposed to pound because of the music cue, or the lights hit the tear glistening in the corner of an actor’s eye just the right way.

And in the following week, Paulo Coelho said in regards to being asked if there’s any chance that there’s going to be a movie adaptation of one of his books:

No. I never see my books as movies. Of course I was stupid enough, or it was vanity, that when The Alchemist was released in America, it was immediately sold to Hollywood. A book is not improved when it becomes a movie. A book is something that stimulates creativity in the reader. The movie — you have everything already.

So in summary, these two thoughts said to me that I need to write and read more instead of binge-watching Netflix! Thus, blogging. —JM

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I really wanted to like Paulo Coelho’s new book. It’s a topic I’m fascinated by, and an author I really enjoy. But I couldn’t get into this one and I put it down. I found the writing clunky and a collection of thoughts randomly pulled from various travel diaries. But now I’m wondering if it actually would make a better movie! Sorry, Paulo.