Mermaid and Procrastination

A re-tweet from my colleague Alexis Lloyd sent me into the world of Mermaid. So I made a Mermaid diagram, with source included:

graph TD
A[Have The Want To Make Something] -->|Get Lost While Making It| B(Go Shopping)
B --> |Think Unnecessarily Hard| C(Start Blogging)
C --> |Go Wander For New References| D(Surf Surf Surf)
D --> E{Procrastinate More}
E -->|Learn More | F[Download Libraries]
E -->|Buy More | G[Get More Parts]
E -->|Eat Something | H[Snacks Snacks Snacks]
F --> K(Get It Done -- Miraculously)
G --> K
H --> K

And I can now get back to my weekend work … —JM

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 6.55.56 PM.png

In original form from long ago (2007):