Customer Support and The Effortless Experience

A marketing friend sent me a book a couple years ago that I never read. So I’ve been reading The Effortless Experience today, and enjoyed the authors’ conclusion about how to best support the customer is through a product that is easy to use. It seems like a simple and obvious idea, but for some reason every company struggles with coming to that conclusion. I think it’s because most products are too expensive to fix, and therefore incremental efforts are usually employed like Band-Aids. Addressing the root cause of a problem it’s often too expensive, so it’s easier to hope that customers will cope with whatever they get, and then adapt accordingly. But for the longest time I’ve heard that “hope is not a strategy” … so I think what underlies the reason why root causes don’t get addressed by even strategic people, is the reality that they often leave the organizations that they join (instead of becoming lifers). And thus they are often only looking for incremental solutions that can make themselves look good and are motivated to implement them even if they don’t get to the root cause of a problem.

So I appreciated their methodical nature of addressing customer support problems with root cause analyses.

The way they talked about the importance of communication struck me as vital. I need to improve my active voice.

And I found the shift in complexity of the systems that customers are increasingly using today as indicative of why AI is going to be so useful and necessary.