Cities Of Paper And Voxels

The 2020 CX Report gathers trends on how business happens in the computational era by examining the tech stacks for marketing and products in the context of digital transformation.

While surfing through the many AR implementation methods out there, I accidentally bumped into the 3d hand-cut paper urbanscapes by artist Katsumi Hayakawa via Tina Roth Eisenberg’s Twitter feed.

I was then fortunate to on LinkedIn from Julia Reed to learn about … woah.

It’s a much more high-tech version of Gather Town, for sure.

And if you haven’t tried Mozilla Hubs yet, you have to!

There’s also a terrific system that runs on Oculus by an ex-MIT-er called which I tried out.

And when considering how the common missing thing in all these environments is real food, keep in mind:


The cityscapes of Wafa Hourani are next level.

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