John Cutler on Product Management

John Cutler’s list of eight Product Management (PM) tips is filled with practical wisdom. His point on how outcomes are often “luck driven” is an especially good kickoff to 2020.

1. Reframe feature requests as ‘bets’ — make it competitive and game-like, versus completely rando or HiPPO-led.
2. Pre-caps — prior to project kickoff, share a preso for post-launch success to stimulate critical and open thinking.
3. Learning backlog/boards — ask the maximum how you would €pay$ to get information X versus Y.
4. Quarterly product decision reviews — set a cadence of asking what went well and what didn’t while trying to ask WHY and HOW.
5. Workshop insights — make a safe place to review unfinished work with short preso followed by longer and inclusive Q&A.
6. Add a behavior component to personas — what does the tool-of-yout-choice query for your target look like with your “intervention” (Cutler’s word for “feature”).
7.  1-pagers: deciding as an org what the best internal one pager format should be serves the dual purpose of enculturation and commitment.
8. Design (and iterate on) an always-on dashboard: rather than worry about whether the dashboard is perfect, regularly ask how to most quickly improve it.

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