Lionesses Are Generally Superior To Lions, It Turns Out

I’ve been wondering about the symbol of the lion — you know, the big mane and all. And then I remembered that’s a gendered symobl. Because the male lion has a mane. In that sense, the word lion can implicitly means a male gendered one. And the word “mane” — well, that speaks of manly manly in an obvious sort of way.

So I took to the Internet to learn more about the lioness and thanks to Quora + Forbes, I got here.

The key takeaways on the lioness?

  • The lioness is faster than the lion (30% faster)
  • Lionesses do the majority of the hunting
  • When hunting for prey, lionesses will work together
  • Stealth hunting is where a lioness can especially excel
  • They are built for fighting to be able to care for their cubs

How about the lion?

  • The lion is good at taking on other lions
  • And the lion is good at taking on large prey
  • But the lion is slower than the lioness (30% slower)
  • Lions take down bigger prey found by lionesses

So there you have it … deep, huh? —JM

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