How to Take Command of Any Clickbait Headline Writing

I was enjoying the content over here by Sonia Simone to pull out some meta-patterns:

  • When’s the Last Time <desirable opposite sex> Checked You Out?
  • Learn How to Stand Up to <some common fearful person> (and Force <pronoun> to See What You’re Really Worth)
  • Your <doubters> Will Be Struggling to Keep Up with You
  • A Limited Number of <something> Are Still Available for <exclusive sounding thing>
  • Are You Working Harder than Ever, but Still Worried About <bad stuff affecting your work>?
  • The 20-Minute <activity> that Will Make You a <field or skill> Genius
  • They Laughed When I Sat Down at the <tool> — But Then I Began to <tool-ing>
  • How to Take Command of Any <activity>
  • The <name technogadget> Keeps Tireless Watch Over Your <loved ones>
  • Is Your <beloved cared loved one> <critical competency to succeed>? Take This Test and Find Out
  • Reconnect With Your <loved ones> on/with this Incredible <experience>
  • How to Survive (and yes, Even Thrive) in a <bad situation>

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I also loved this list of tips over here by Whitney Cole.

  1. Ask a question. e.g. Can the Super Bowl Save Its Host City?
  2. Be honest. e.g. My Failed Attempt at Content Marketing and What I’ve Learned
  3. Use shock and awe. e.g. How a Ferrari Made Me a Million Bucks
  4. Show them “how to” do something. e.g. “How To Increase Conversion Rates.”
  5. Solve a problem. e.g. “How Can Wee Little Humans Beat Oil Companies? The Answer’s Actually Easy.”
  6. Include the reader in a group. e.g. 23 Pictures Only “Lord of the Rings” Fans Will Think Are Funny