E.A.T. / EAT (1966)

I was playing with the letters E, A, T and then remembered the Art/Tech activity in the 60s and was surprised to find my favorite number … 1966.

After cleaning up a bad jpeg I found on the NYPL from a scanned flyer at the 50th anniversary celebration, I was able to come to this cleaned image that’s been SVG-ified. I think I might make a T-shirt out of it eventually …

I vectorized it after washing it a bit over on vectorization.org

“The new interface I will define is one in which the artist makes active use of the inventiveness and skills of an engineer to achieve his purpose. The artist could not complete his intentions without the help of an engineer. The artist incorporates the work of the engineer in the painting or the sculpture or the performance.” –Billy Klüver, Link to an exhibition of E.A.T.