Sequoia Trees

A few Sequoia tree facts:

  • With the right amount of light, Sequoias can grow 6 feet per year. When a tree is cut down, multiple trees often grow in it’s place.
  • The bark of a Sequoia retards flames, and the seeds it drops on the ground are only activated when fire kills away the groundbrush.
  • Sequoia roots only go six to ten feet into the ground with the root systems of adjacent trees being interconnected.
  • At the top of the Sequoia, the leaves are different than those at the bottom because it is a strikingly different ecosystem in its’ canopy.

So in many senses a Sequoia tree is a terrific metaphor for the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley. The Sequoia’s seeds are like the many startups that disrupt incumbents amidst a tectonic shift. And also how many startups are born out of the ashes of a dying company, too. It also explains why (Sequoia VC) one of the most successful venture capital firms in the world might be named after this tree native to California.

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Trees taking place of a bigger tree.
Trees can grow from a stump
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