Three lessons from WINNING NOT FIGHTING and mastering change

In London there is a chain of QSRs called Leon that sells “fast food that is good for you.” The CEO has a book out on using Wing Tsun principles for shifting business away from military ideas and towards humanist ideas. It’s called “WINNING NOT FIGHTING.” Here’s the first three lessons from the book — I highly recommend it. —JM

Lesson 1: Start from your body (realize that you are a … human!):

  1. Understand the interconnected nature of your mind and body.
  2. Calmness is power.
  3. Take complete self responsibility for your own body and way of life. No one else can.
  4. See clearly. Don’t let your thoughts cloud what is actually happening.

In other words, if you don’t know yourself then you can’t do anything for others. And start from a cool state.

Lesson 2: Stay relaxed (so you don’t get flustered). Note that this takes experience to master.

  1. Staying relaxed allows you to have immediate and sustained success.
  2. It teaches you to “respond not react” to situations you are faced with.
  3. If you stay relaxed, you create clarity, calmness, and positive options.
  4. Relaxation is the foundation of health.

Said differently, stay connected to your body. Your body is how you survive. Not your mind.

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Lesson 3: Let passion create flow.

  1. Search for what you are passionate about.
  2. Search for the common and connecting points with others rather than perceived differences.
  3. Movement creates flow — physically move whenever you’re stuck trying to solve a problem or meet a challenge.
  4. Connect powerfully with others by removing the need to control and replacing it with a positive, flowing approach.

Be sure to let things move forward in the direction of passion. Find ways to connect, instead of destroy.