Three Steps to Becoming “A.I. Ready” #aiReady

Becoming #aiReady is not an easy task. You need to become computationally literate — or you have to learn how to speak machine … at least un poco.

A.I., or “Artificial Intelligence,” is a phrase that used to be meaningless because the A.I.’s felt very artificially UN-intelligent. But today it is amazing what AIs do around us: from auto completing what we type to automating the hard task of driving a car to become driverless.

For us humans out there, we need to become ready for the sea change that is upon us. We need to get ready for A.I. — which sounds harder than it really is. Here is three things you can do about it:

  1. Learn. Learn faster than machines can learn. Stay up to date — don’t give up. You can do it!
  2. Build. Make new things in the medium of technology to know what it can do and cannot do.
  3. Reflect. Find what A.I. is not good at doing and center a part of your future practice there. And GOTO 1.

Okay! Ready for A.I.? Let’s go!