Live Learning

When I don’t throw away a piece of paper I know that I have to take a note for posterity’s sake.

The horizontal axis is the kind of learning. On the left is social minded. On the right is independent minded.

The vertical axis is how much choice is available. Top is high variation and choice. Low is less to choose from.

In the upper left quadrant, socially-based decision making happens. It’s curated and living in a comfortable bubble.

In the upper right quadrant, individual decision making happens from within a portfolio. This reduces risks.

In the lower left quadrant, you’re in a tinier cult. In the lower great quadrant, you’re being an iconoclast.

Everything on the right leans towards hoping that serendipity plays well in your favor. But moving yourself upward in the choice access will reduce your risk. I guess that means having many hobbies is a good idea for someone who wants to live on the right hand side.

On the left hand side, you’re relying more on the “I’ll have what she’s having” approach. This is generally a good heuristic for a survival as noted in a book from MIT press on this very topic of decision-making. So the left side is safer. On the right side, safety is not guaranteed.