CX Report 2020

The CX Report gathers trends on how business happens in the computational era by examining the tech stacks for marketing and products in the context of digital transformation.


  • The Internet has become exactly what Bowie predicted in 1999.
  • Computational thinking is the new systems thinking for business.
  • Digital marketing loops spin way faster than digital product loops can spin.
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution has invisible smoke stacks everywhere.
  • Silicon Valley is people and not just robots. We tire. Machines don’t.
  • Nobody’s in charge of customer experience because everyone is.
  • Your Employee Experience (EX) is what makes your CX human. Literally.
  • What’s experience? It’s a try-out, an experiment, and it can be perilous.
  • If we all speak machine, then we can all avoid Big Tech’s blunders.
  • Computational experiences are made by those who know how to speak machine.